Monday, June 26, 2017

Cherry Picking

Weather forecast said we'll have heavy rain in the morning today,
but it was not so heavy one, a kind of drizzle.

After about two hours drive from my parents' home,
we arrived this farm at 11:17.
As you can see, it is available owing to its roof even if it rains.

Checked the new macro lens performance.

I think I need to get used to it more though,
it works so far so good! 

Should be called 'Red Jewel'.
And tasted so nice.

She likely had good time.

Cousins each other.
They are now students. Time flies...

New sprout.

HANAEWASABI SOBA, a kind of so-so.

Took two hours to my home also.
Ending of the busy weekend.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Let's use this crow's feather for the KUROMADARA fly's body.

Hair winged dun.

Crippled dun.

Looking forward to next trip.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

KUROMADARA again with Tommy

Left his home about 2:55 and took a highway route though, 
rises got started around 4AM before we were ready.
Should leave home 2:30 next time.

4:20 First bow after hooked off around 4AM.

They were a kind of an obstruction...

4:34 2nd good one which took my crippled dun opposite the stream.

I should tie the fly which looks more visible than today's one.

4:45 the last one as third.
Rises got started from around 4:00 to 4:40 today. 

3rd one's in its stomach including its nymph.

Tommy's fish on! And...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Talk show; What the bird's nest tells us

 My elder daughter and I joined the talk show related the bird's nest. And it was very meaningful for us. Maybe I need to imitate the parent birds.

Should have taken my camera with macro lens...

KUROMADARA on the Father's Day

Left home around 3AM, 
and got the one day fishing ticket at the LAWSON at 3:56.
After 4 AM, some rises got started for this KUROMADARA mayfly.
It was very nice to meet you.

4:12 First one after several mis-hooking.

Yes, it was.

4:22 2nd one was YAMAME.
Can you see three duns on the above pic?

I was just surprised by its number. 
So many duns were hatched in a short time.

Very nice one.

Still some rises were continued.

4:31 3rd black one.
And added one more as 4th one around 4:45.

It was very short time though, very exciting early morning today.
Left OSHINO past 7AM, and came back my home around 8:30.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Macro Lens Test at the river H in the early morning

5:12 Trapped spinner.
The reflection from its clear wing could be taken!

5:19 Did get the 1st one.

Small peacock parachute was effective.

6:03 2nd one was caught.

At such a hole.

6:42 #12 white parachute didn't work any
just after getting the 2nd one.

Huge black caddis, #10 size?

7:33 3rd one at the pool
which I didn't get any at the first time this morning.

I think I liked this macro lens very much! 

A kind of satisfied feeling.
Thinking of the next destination.

Macro Lens with LED Light

I've been thinking of it long time though,
got ready to get it eventually!

1st shot.

Need to check its performance outdoors.