Monday, October 2, 2017


Late start of Day Camping

Younger daughter's work.

First try for new tarp.

Very relaxed time.

Are you aiming it?

Fondue, fondue, fondue, fondue♪

Caught many?

Good fragrance.


Reflection of fall.

Their biking.

Trapped spinner of FUTASUJI.

You changed to spinner from dun on the spider's net?

Super climber!

Nice view on the hammock.

Her last work of today.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Many happenings during the angling trip with Tommy

Just following ICHIGO's advise,
got it and took it this angling trip.

Nice view under the cool fall air.

9:09 I've been waiting for you.

Moderate current.

9:56 IWANA. 

Weather was a kind of perfect sunny. 

11:01 Almost 1 caught per 1 hour there.

Need to ask what kind of mushrooms to curryman.

11:24 Left this hole as soon as I caught this good one.

Tommy caught fish first at the second hole.

14:21 He took my fly very slowly at the just front of the stone.

I could set a hook some good fishes though,
almost all of them were hooked off...

15:11 It was the last one today.

Do you think I could stop fishing as scheduled?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fishing with ICHIGO learning Plan B there

3 different sizes, prepared well I think.
Must be most number which I tied in this season.

We were too late to do Plan A.
So let's make a new one as Plan B.

10:46 Late my first fish was double hit with ICHIGO.

Though I couldn't set a hook all of them, I got many reactions. Not bad situation even Plan B.

11:42 2nd.

We had a little rain in the early morning, but it got good sunny day in the daytime.

12:48 3rd one. Almost 1 fish per 1 hour, including some mishookings.
On the other hand, ICHIGO's catch pace was almost twice of mine.
I felt the difference of skill level. Learned a lot.

Around 2 o'clock, we had to modify our Plan B because of unexpected thing.

14:23 4th one was the last fish at first section.

Found the much faster route as a modified Plan B.

15:57 First and last one in the evening.
Couldn't see good AMAGO trout though, found many new things today.

And had a good time with ICHIGO there.
Hopefully see you there next year again.

I need to become tough biker more than now anyway...

Monday, September 18, 2017

On the way to my hometown

Since elder daughter had strong interest for Japanese history, we dropped in the art museum exhibiting special exhibit related to Naotora Ii. It was much better than we expected. If you are interested in it, please stop by and check it.