Friday, May 5, 2017

TANABIRA at ATERA ravine during family camping

Repaired the leak hole before leaving first.

1. Early morning on the 2nd day of camping

5:25 Hello, first one.

#14 brown crippled one was effective.

5:31 Got AMAGO, called 'TANABIRA' here at the same hole as the first one.

Not so cold.
A kind of comfortable fishing upstream.

5:40 3rd one.

6:28 Nice TANABIRA as 4th one.

6:53 Let's go back.

Size of fish was not enough though,
could enjoy the dry fly fishing during camping.

7:08 Need to make breakfast for them.

Let's have coffee before breakfast.

2. Evening on the 2nd day

17:52 Found only one spinner fallen.

It was a kind of out of my expectation, very slow evening.

18:43 Caught only one by ERUMON hair wing dun.

Should use smaller fly mainly?

3. Early morning of the 3rd day

Checked downstream of the campground first time.
5:19 First one.

5:26 a little size upped 2nd one.

Likely better reaction than the evening.

5:37 Typical NIKKO typed 3rd one.

Almost all of fish were caught at the slow current spot beside the mainstream.

6:10 4th one chased down my fly.

I tried the visible floating TANABIRA yesterday.
He sniffed my fly... I should have tried smaller fly first.

Anyway, had a comfortable dry fly fishing there.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

ATERA ravine camping 2 nights

13:31 arrived at the entrance of the ATERA ravine after about 4.5h driving including some traffic jams.

Very beautiful Japanese spring scenery there.

Entrance of the campground.

15:11 Finished setting up our all stuff.

Take your time,please.

17:27 Dad's BBQ likely got ready to eat.

Hammock was very important item for our camping.

It is time to


Campfire made by the sticks which our daughters gathered.

7:42 Dad's breakfast after his early morning fishing.

What a funny SUMO wrestler!

Shall we go walking?

Its color was just real emerald green.

Her bending and stretching in the water.

She tried same thing at the deep pool.

I found you!

Perfect sunny day for camping on the 2nd day.

They got cold soon playing in the cold water...

Contrary to the 1st day, 
the number of camper got decreased on the 2nd day.

Gone down for shopping including souvenir.

Japanese Central Alps.

Got into a hot spring.

16:38 Start of the busy evening.

Maybe these HINOKI(Japanese cypress) made our hay fever worse...

17:21 Dad's curry and rice got ready just as schedule.

How about your fishing, Lance?

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shell gathering

Only my younger daughter and I tried it there first time.

From 13:00 to 15:00 including the lowest tide 14:20.
Parking fee was 1,000 JPY.

A kind of tough condition though, it was fun time for us.